Craft a Mixed Media Spring Word Block

Today we’re crafting the Spring Word Block kit from the shop. This DIY is a little bit different in that we won’t just be painting the pieces and assembling them, we’ll also be incorporating scrapbook paper into the design for a fun mixed media project. This spring word block set is a great way to incorporate color into your home after the doldrums of winter. It’s also a terrific way to use up scraps of paper you may have sitting around from past projects.

How to craft a mixed media spring word block

Gather Supplies

  • Wooden Spring Word Block Kit
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Scrapbook paper (6 patterns)
  • Glue
  • Brushes and makeup sponges
  • Mod Podge
  • Iron (optional)
  • Masking Tape
  • Water to rinse brushes
  • Sanding block or sand paper
  • Parchment paper

Now, prepare to get creative. Prep your tape board and adhere pieces that need to be painted to it for ease of painting. Set aside until you’re ready to paint.

Let’s Get Scrappy

At this point, get our scrapbook paper out. Trace each of the “square-ish” shapes onto the back side of coordinating paper you want to use for that shape and cut just inside the lines for that piece. Use one of the following methods to adhere paper to the wooden pieces:

WET Method:

Paint a fairly thick layer of Mod Podge onto wood piece and adhere paper to it. Burnish paper with fingers and set aside to dry.

DRY Method:

Paint a layer of Mod Podge on all wood pieces and allow to dry. Once all wooden pieces are dry, lay them out on a heat safe surface (ironing board, newspaper stack, heat press base) and place coordinating decorative paper on top. Cover with a sheet of parchment paper. Press with a DRY iron until paper is adhered.

Distress Your Blocks

After you complete adhering papers to the various blocks, use sandpaper or sanding block to distress the edges as much as desired to achieve the aesthetic you desire. Use caution to not lift paper, but if you do find corners or edges lifting, use a paint brush and a little Mod Podge to re-adhere paper. Be sure to completely dust off the blocks using a tacky cloth or very lightly damp rag to remove any loose dust particles.

Let’s Paint our Spring Word Block

Now it’s time to paint! At this point, you can grab your tape board and choose paint to coordinate with the scrapbook paper you have chosen for your blocks. Use a combination of paint brushes and makeup sponges to paint your wooden pieces, remembering to paint from the center toward the edges to keep edges as clean as possible. Lighter color may require more than one coat for best coverage.

When painting the birdhouse, I opted to apply paint with a wet wipe to give a “stained” look. Simply dip wet wipe into paint and rub onto wood until you get the desired look. I love this technique as it give a stain look without fumes and with a much faster drying time. In addition, I used a black paint marker to add small details to the butterflies and bird eyes.

Time to Assemble our Spring Word Block

Now that all of the components are embellished with papers and paint, it’s time to assemble our Spring Wood Block. Break out your glue and start adhering the paper covered blocks to the base. Once adhered, add the painted letters and finally add the small embellishments like birds and flowers. Finally, I added a tiny bow to the upright of my birdhouse using a little ribbon and my glue gun.

And, that’s it! Stand back and admire your handy work! Ready for another one? In addition to the Spring word block Janet’s Craft corner also has an adorable “Bloom” World Block and several other adorable spring projects just waiting for your creative touch! Or visit my other blog posts where you can follow along as I paint a whimsical Spring Birdhouse and DIY a Tulip Wreath.

Happy Crafting my Friends

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Be sure to pin this to your crafting board
Spring Word Block pin

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