Let’s Craft an Easter Gnome Door Hanger

This “Hello Easter” Gnome Door Hanger features a fun-loving gnome dressed up as the Easter Bunny ready to welcome friends and family to your home. In this post, I invite you to join me on a painting journey filled with vibrant spring colors and whimsical charm. Let’s dive into the details of this festive DIY project and bring a touch of Easter magic to your doorstep.

Gather Your Crafting Materials

Before we begin, gather your crafting essentials:

  • “Hello Easter” Gnome Door Hanger wooden craft kit
  • Acrylic paints in various spring colors. I used Delta Ceramcoat in Calypso Coral, Purple Heather, Wedgewood Green, White, Rosy Beige, and DecoArt Americana Burnt Umber.
  • Paintbrushes of different sizes and make up sponges
  • Palette for mixing colors
  • Water cup and paper towels for cleaning brushes
  • A well-ventilated and comfortable crafting space

Step 1: Unbox your craft kit and lay out all the pieces. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the components and envision the final result. This whimsical gnome is ready to spread Easter cheer, and you get to bring it to life!

Prepare tape board and adhere small pieces to it for ease of painting. Don’t know how to make a tape board? Check out my YouTube channel for videos offering tips and tricks to make your crafting experience easier and more enjoyable!

Let’s Get Crafting Our “Hello Easter Gnome Door Hanger”

Start by applying a brown coat to the background round. Apply using wet wipes in a streaky manner to get a more wood toned look.

Paint lattice piece with a brush or sponge. Applying a good coat to make sure wood doesn’t show through.

Paint white sections like bunny ears and gnome mustache and beard using brush and makeup sponges.

Paint colored “stripe” with sponge and paintbrush. Using a sponge on the lacy edge will prevent the holes from getting clogged with paint while using a brush for the larger sections will fill section faster. Don’t forget to paint from the inside toward edges to help keep the edges clean.

Adding details now, let your creativity shine as you add charming details to your gnome and his accessories. Paint the Easter-themed elements, such as eggs, flowers, or any other embellishments included in the kit. Feel free to experiment with different patterns and designs to make your door hanger unique.

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Assemble Your Door Hanger

Once all the painted pieces are dry, you’re ready to put your Easter Gnome together. This is the exciting moment when your creation transforms from separate parts into a charming door hanger.

Congratulations on completing your “Hello Easter” Gnome Door Hanger! Display your masterpiece proudly on your doorstep and welcome the Easter season with a touch of handmade joy. Share your creation on social media using #JanetsCraftCorner and inspire others to embark on their own creative journey. Happy crafting!


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