Shovel & Rake Door Hanger Kit : Learn Faux Galvanized Paint

Today we are completing the Shovel & Rake Door Hanger kit from Janet’s Craft Corner. In this post, I will be sharing a fun new technique for achieving a galvanized metal look using craft paint and bubble wrap. This technique is perfect for any project that has components that should be painted as a metal finish like our Interchangeable Windmill Shelf Sitter or the Farm Fresh Flowers Shelf Sitter.

The supplies needed for this kit are:

  • Tape Board
  • Wood Cut outs
  • Acrylic craft paint : I used Raw Sienna, Honey Brown, Whisper Green, light purple, two shades of grey, white, black and platinum (metallic)
  • Paint markers : I used white and purple Posca pens
  • Brushes and make up sponges
  • a piece of small bubble bubble wrap
  • glue
  • ribbon
  • twine

    This kit comes with either the wood cut outs only, or as a complete kit with all materials necessary to complete the project!

Let’s Get Started Creating our Shovel & Rake Door Hanger

Learn a Faux Galvanized Effect

I began by painting the bases (shovel and rake heads and handles) with the medium grey paint. Once the base coat is dry, I set up my paint palette with 5 colors to create the galvanized effect. These colors (black, white, light grey, medium grey and platinum) should be placed in small circle so it’s easy to dip bubble wrap into. When paint is ready, take a small square of bubble wrap and form into a kind of pouf as shown.

Dip pouf into paint, making sure to get a little of each color onto the pouf. Pounce pouf onto the gray parts of the Shovel & Rake Door Hanger. Keep pouncing to create the amount of blending you desire. Reload pouf as needed. If paint starts to get muddy, make another pouf and/ or add more paint.

Adding Faux Rust Effect

After you have completely covered the galvanized portions and allowed them to dry, add a little Raw Sienna paint to the palette. Using a make up sponge dip into paint and blot off, then dab onto edges to get a rust effect. Rust natural occurs more on edges of metal so focus more on these areas. Blend as desired and allow to dry once done.

Paint the Handles

To paint the wood handles I used a honey brown color. To keep this color light with a stain like effect, apply with a wet wipe dipped into the paint and rubbed on tot h wood in strokes, blending as desired. Set aside to dry.

Let’s Paint the Flowers and Leaves

As the other pieces are drying, grab your centerpiece and stick to tape board. Paint the leaf portions with Whisper Green (or your desired color) remembering to brush from the inside of the piece toward to outer edge to avoid getting paint on edges. Using a paint marker or darker color of green, add highlights or details tot he edges of leaves to define the shapes.

Next, get out your lavender color paint and paint the flower pieces from the Shovel & Rake Door Hanger. Once again, brush from inside toward edges or use a makeup sponge to apply paint to avoid getting onto edges. Using a darker purple paint color or paint marker, add detail as desired to edges of

Once all the pieces are painted and dry, I like to use a black paint pen to touch up edges and cover any paint marks or drips I may have.

Time to Assemble Our Shovel & Rake Door Hanger

Now that all the pieces are dry, it’s time to assemble our door hanger. Since the rake and shovel pieces are held together one the back of the floral centerpiece, we will want to apply PLENTY of glue. Attach the top half and line up with the notches from the floral centerpiece. Fit the bottom piece together with the stars and snap in place. Make sure everything is aligned with the centerpiece and allow to set for a few minutes before flipping over.

Let’s Embellish!

Adhere the accent pieces and flowers using glue. Then make a bow from ribbon and adhere to center. I like to use a combination of hot glue in the center and tacky glue at the edges. The hot glue will hold the glue in place while the tacky glue dries providing a stronger bond. If you need a tutorial on how to make a bow, see my post Three Ways to Make a Bow for instructions.

If you plan to use your Shovel & Rake Door Hanger outside be sure to apply a poly clear coat the the wooden piece before adhering the bow. The bow can be weatherproofed using Mod Podge. Tie some twine around the handles to create a hanger and display your new creation where desired!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned a couple of new techniques. You can see the entire how to video on my YouTube channel along with other tutorials and how-to videos.

Until Next time, Happy Crafting!!

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