Christmas Tree Shelf Sitter from Old Furniture Leg

While I love crafting for the fall season and holidays, I’m in the mode to start thinking about and crafting for Christmas. If you’re like me, this is your lucky day! I’m sharing my Christmas tree shelf sitter today.

Here’s what the legs looked like when I received them.

I’m always up for a good crafting challenge so I jumped on this quickly. I decided to make 3 shelf sitters to use in my décor: a Christmas tree, a gnome, and a nutcracker. As you’ll soon learn, I only got 2 of them done. The nutcracker turned out to be a little more challenging than I expected. When I get it completed, I’ll write another post about it. The gnome ornament can be found here.

Christmas Tree Shelf Sitter

Supplies for Christmas Tree Shelf Sitter

Wooden Furniture Leg

Green Scrapbook Paper

Glue Gun

Step 1 – Prepare the furniture leg

Paint the furniture leg green. I didn’t think that the furniture leg came to enough of a point at the top so I, formed a “top” for the tree out of tin foil. Attach with your glue gun and paint it green also. This step is optional and you could use a lot of different materials to create the topper.

Step 2 – Cut out tree leaves

Cut out tree leaves in a variety of sizes (get the file here) from green scrapbook paper. I used a Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut my leaves out but you could easily cut them out by hand. As you can see from the video, mine wasn’t quite so straight forward. I didn’t have enough green paper so I had to paint some art paper to use for my leaves. This meant that my leaves got an awesome variegated look but it also meant that they had white edges. I started to paint to edges of each leaf (a lot of work) but my husband pointed out that it just looked like snow on them so I decided to keep them as they were.

Step 3 – Assemble your Christmas Tree Shelf Sitter

Glue the leaves on the tree. Start with the largest leaves on the bottom. Then put the medium sized leaves in the middle and the smallest leaves on the top. Connect 3 small leaves together to create a top for your tree.

Step 4 – Create a Base

Cut one side of a Styrofoam ball so it will stand straight to use it for the base for the tree. Paint the Styrofoam ball – I used a dark brown. Put the screw from the furniture leg into the Styrofoam ball and sit on your shelf.

Now you have a cute Christmas tree shelf sitter to use in your holiday decorating.

I hope you enjoyed these simple Christmas crafts.

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  1. What an interesting challenge. Your Christmas tree came out so well! We’ve just purchased a Cricut, and am eager to get started seeing what it will do. Thanks for the inspiration!