DIY Storage/Display Rack for Platters – A Great Kitchen Organization Tool

One of the organization challenges I’ve had in my kitchen for many years was storage of serving platters. Actually, if I’m completely honest I’ve had the problem in many different kitchens. The platters are all different sizes, bulky, and don’t seem to fit well anywhere. I’ve tried them standing in a cabinet, but some of them were too long. Many times, I’ve stacked them in a cabinet, but the one I wanted always seemed to be on the bottom.

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After some Internet searching, I found a wall plate rack at I found an area in my dining room where it would fit.

Supplies for Platters Rack

It only took about $70 in wood and paint supplies. We got all of our supplies at Lowe’s, but I’m sure you could find everything at Home Depot, Ace Hardware or any local hardware store. My son and I put in about three hours over a week’s time.

Supplies for DIY Platter Storage/Display Rack

My rack ended up being 78 inches tall and 20 inches wide. There are two sections that are 20 inches tall and two sections that are 14-1/2 inches tall. I came up with these measurements by laying my platters out on the floor until I had the spacing that I liked. Then, my son drew it out on graph paper to make sure everything would fit.

Finished Platters Rack

The rack was mounted about seven inches above the floor so the top ended up being 84 inches from the floor. Since we have nine-foot ceilings on our main floor that worked for me. If you have shorter ceilings, you’ll need to adjust your height. Here are the full-length view and some detailed areas.

Platter on DIY Platter Storage/Display Rack
Molding detail on DIY Platter Storage/Display Rack

DIY Storage/Display Rack for Platters


Now, I not only have room for all the platters that I currently have, but I can even buy a few more without a storage problem. It also freed up a shelf in my baking island that I immediately put to good use so I don’t have to stack my baking dishes as much.

Do you have other kitchen storage problems that you’ve found creative solutions for? Or, do you have some that you could use some help with? Let me know in the comments below. If you make your own platter rack, send me a photo at


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