Floral Bunny Wreath

If you have followed my blog for long you know how much I like making and displaying wreaths. (I even have two locations on my porch to hang wreaths.) I make them for all occasions & decorate year-round with wreaths. Here is another fantastic wreath that you can make.

Grapevine wreath with flocked bunny, gerbera daisies, greenery, and a pretty box.

With it’s cute flocked bunny, this is great for Easter wreath that will easily work for the entire spring season. This adorable Easter bunny wreath brings such fun to your spring decor.


14” Grapevine Wreath

Burlap Wired Ribbon – This is the pink ribbon I used

Pastel Polka Dots Wired Ribbon

Furry Flocked Bunny

Eyes for Bunny

Boxwood Greenery Stems

Mixed Greenery Stems

Eggs Pick

2 BBQ skewers


Surebonder Glue Skillet

Surebonder Glue Pellets or glue sticks

Wire Cutters

Instructions for Floral Bunny Wreath

Step 1 – Choose a Wreath Form

For this wreath, I decided to use a 14” grapevine wreath form. I chose the grapevine form because it is so easy to stick the various greenery stems into that type of form. I decided to use a 14” form, which is smaller than I usually use, because I knew that I was going to have a lot of greenery that spread out from the form and I needed to make sure that it didn’t get too wide. My wreath ended up being about 22” from the tips of the greenery.

Step 2 – Create a Bow

Create a pretty bow of your choice for your bunny wreath. I went with some 2-1/2” pastel polka dots wired ribbon with 3 4” loops per side and a 1-1/2” pink burlap wired ribbon with 3 3” loops per side. Once your bow is created, attach it to your wreath in the upper left quadrant.

Add a bow to wreath

Step 3 – Start Creating Greenery Frame

Start adding greenery on both sides of the ribbon. If you are using bunches of greenery, you’ll need to cut them into individual stems for use. You may even want to cut some of the stems in half so they aren’t as long.

Separating greenery

Add about 3 pieces to the right of the box, and about 6 pieces to the left of the bow to create a C shape around the bow. The technique I find easiest to attach the greenery is to dip each piece of greenery in the hot glue and then thread it into gaps of the grapevine wreath. This will serve as the base for your florals. This is where the Surebonder Glue Skillet makes life so much easier. Trying to use a standard glue gun to attach these stems is very hard. For this step, I added just enough of the boxwood stems to create a basic shape.

Insert greenery into wreath

Step 4 – Add Your Bunny

To add your bunny, stick a BBQ skewer into one end of the bunny. Using wire cutters, trim it off to a few inches in length. Pull the skewer out, dip it in the hot glue, and put it back in the bunny. Dip the other end in hot glue and thread it into the grapevine wreath to place your bunny at the bottom of the wreath. Trim the skewer if needed. Dip another skewer in hot glue and thread it through the wreath from the bottom and up into the other end of the bunny. Trim that skewer as well.

Add bunny to wreath

Step 5 – Add More Greenery

Add more greenery below the bunny to create a bed of greenery for him to sit on. Continue adding greenery to fill in your wreath until it is as full as you want it. For this wreath design, rather than cover the entire wreath, I left some space with no greenery on the right side above the bunny’s head.

Adding more greenery to wreath

Step 6 – Add Daisies (or other artificial flowers)

Trim your daisy stems. My daisy stems were thick and therefore hard to push very far into the grapevine so I trimmed them down to about 1 inch each. Dip the stem in hot glue and add them around the wreath wherever you want.

Adding daisies to wreath

Step 7 – Finish off your wreath

Continue adding daisies and greenery until you are happy with the total look of your wreath. Be sure that you are dipping each stem in the hot glue so that nothing falls off.

Step 8 – Add Easter Egg Picks

Add pieces of your Easter egg picks to your wreath wherever you want to add some extra interest. I cut my picks apart into several smaller pieces before adding them. As with everything else, make sure to dip them in hot glue.

Add egg picks to wreath

Step 9 – Add a hanger

Cut a length of twine of an appropriate length to create the drop you want from your door hanger. Tie it on to the top of the wreath at approximately the 10:00 and 2:00 positions.

Completed Floral Bunny Wreath

This is an easy wreath to make for even the most basic skill levels. The products that I recommend are quality items so your wreath will last for years. While the Easter season is an obvious choice for this wreath, with its bright colors you can use it to bring a touch of spring to your front door throughout the year. I just love this spring wreath.

Share with me your variations and how you have included this wreath in your home decor. Let’s inspire each other!

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  1. Janet – like you I have wreaths all over the place for each season. This is super cute, I need to learn how to make bows I’m terrible at it. I love the moss bunny added to the bottom. Thanks for coordinating the HOP.

  2. This wreath is one of the cutest Easter Wreath. I love the faux moss bunny. You did such a beautiful job.

  3. Love this project so much Janet! It is so cheery it makes me smile immediately. Thank you for arranging the hop!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting this fun bunny hop, Janet! Your wreath looks amazing! I have three exterior doors that I love to decorate, so I totally understand! Have a great day!