Easter Tiered Tray

This past weekend I finally got around to updating my tiered tray into an Easter Tiered Tray. This post is the first in a series that will last at least a year to show you how I decorate my tiered tray throughout the seasons and holidays.

2 views of an Easter Tiered Tray

I think tiered trays are an easy decoration that is a lot of fun to create. They make great seasonal decor that can easily be added to almost any room. My Easter tiered tray is probably the first spring decor that I put out each year. Holidays, seasons and celebrations make great reasons to create a tiered tray.

I’ve been doing tiered trays for at least a year now and have a pretty good collection of items that I can use on them, not to mention the things I can pull from my everyday décor items. I have lots of Easter tiered tray decor ideas and have done my Easter tray for at least three years and they have all been very different.

There are lots of tier tray decor out there to purchase. This year, I added a craft collection from a subscription from Project Home DIY to my Easter decorations that I can use on my tiered tray. I decided to center this year’s edition on that subscription with a few additions from my crafts and collection.

This tiered tray will be sitting in the middle of the coffee table to create a pop of color in our living room. This means that it will be visible from all sides although one side will get the most views. This makes a perfect centerpiece for this table with plenty of pastels in the wooden crafts.

I started on the front side and then went through and filled in on the back side.

Most of the items on this tray are wooden items that have been painted white. I thought my walnut 2-tier tray worked great because of the contrast it created. The spring colors in this tiered tray makes a great way to brighten up the rustic farmhouse decor in my living room that is mainly blue and white.

For a starting point, I put a buffalo check painted mason jar on the upper tray. I added some greenery, egg picks, and a cute ceramic bunny.

This cute wooden bunny pieces sculpture was part of the subscription kit I got. I painted everything up and added a cotton puff as a tail on the smallest piece. I think it turned out really cute.

Wooden bunny pieces sculpture on Easter tiered tray.

The stack of books is from the same subscription box. I love using book stacks in tier trays because they are so easy to make for each tray. They also work as great risers. To make your own book stack, just cut some wood blocks about 3″ x 2″ and then put a saying (or multiple sayings) on the spine. You can also spruce the stacks up by adding ribbon or embellishments.

I added one of the stenciled eggs from the same box and a cute fuzzy chick to round out that section.

Wooden book stack on Easter tiered tray

A little bit of greenery was added to help hide the risers and fill out the bottom tier.

On the top tier, I decided to add some of my decoupage Easter eggs to fill in at the base of the mason jar.

Decoupage eggs on Easter tiered tray.

I also added another stenciled Easter egg and the HOP tag from the subscription box.

HOP tag on Easter tiered tray.

The final piece on this side of the tray was the Easter egg garland that I used to connect the 2 tiers.

Wooden egg garland on Easter tiered tray.

On the back side, the first thing I added was this cute bunny figurine that I had picked up at a thrift shop somewhere. This is one of my favorite things from my former trays. think his egg-shaped wheelbarrow adds a little bit of whimsy to the tray.

Easter bunny with egg shaped wheelbarrow figurine

The wooden sign with the egg pyramid was (sort-of) part of the subscription kit I talked about earlier. Actually, the eggs were supposed to be a garland and the sign a painted sign. Since I didn’t need another garland, I decided to create an adorable wooden sign by combining the two pieces.

I got the cord wrapped carrots from a Target last year and they filled the space in front of the sign perfectly.

Wooden sign with Easter egg cutouts on an Easter tieried tray

On the upper tier in the back, the mason jar is now on the right, and I’ve added another stenciled wooden egg behind the one on the front. This photo also shows the doily that I used to cover the risers that I used on the first wooden egg.

Stenciled Easter egg on Easter tiered tray

Last, but not least, I added a couple of my 3D Paper Easter Eggs and a couple of wooden carrots on the lower tier to fill in the gap left between the front and back décor. The carrots stick out over the edge of the tray making them visible from both sides.

This Easter tiered tray shows you how easy it is to take a subscription box or kit and add a few collected pieces to make a tiered tray that is unique to you. If you’re stuck in trying to put your tray together, check out my How to Style a Tiered Tray post.

Easter tiered tray
Easter tiered tray

Share your Easter tiered trays with me in the comments.

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