Spring Tiered Tray

When the weather starts to warm up and the bulbs start to bloom, bringing some spring color into my home is all I can think about! It’s a great time to create or update a spring tiered tray decor in your home.

If you are already using one (or more) this post will help you update for spring. If you are new to tiered trays, it’s the perfect time to create your first one! Check out my post for styling a tiered tray for help in starting the process.

A tiered tray is a great way to use small items you may have picked up in a craft store and weren’t sure what you’d do with them and a wonderful way to highlight cherished keepsakes. (And as an added bonus, tiered trays make great home decor that doesn’t take up much space but has big impact.)

Check out my spring decor ideas and see if they spark something in your imagination.

Gather Items and Assemble Your Tray

In this tray the tulips are left over from our Tulip Wreath Project. Most of us crafters have small pieces left from larger projects. I put them in a milk can that I got from Hobby Lobby. Another thing I like to put flowers in on my tiered trays is one of my tinted mason jars.

Tulips on spring tiered tray

I love using mini wooden signs in my tiered trays. The Live Life in Full Bloom and Wooden Tulips were from a kit I purchased from Project Home DIY.

Wooden mini sign that says live life in full bloom on spring tiered tray

The white chicken saltshaker came from a thrift store. I thought it was cute and knew I could incorporate it in a few of my farmhouse trays. It’s so easy to collect items that can be used in tiered trays while you’re out and about.

Chicken salt shaker on spring tiered tray

Some of my most treasured items are also featured in this tray.

My daughter Katie gave me the Willow Tree statue for Mother’s Day about 10 years ago. Bill made the little window 20+ years ago, adding a farmhouse flair.

Willow Tree statue on spring tiered tray

The doily used to drape over the top tier of the tray was inherited from my great-grandmother. It brings back special memories every time I see it.

Lace doily on spring tiered tray

My mother’s neighbor made the little birdhouse which my mom gave to me in some flowers one year. Don’t forget to save the little things that come in real flower arrangements, they are the perfect size for tiered trays.

Wooden birdhouse on spring tiered tray

I made the cute wheelbarrow from a DIY kit as part of my subscription to Print Cut Craft. Craft subscriptions a great way to get items for tiered trays.

Wooden wheelbarrow on spring tiered tray

Make Your Own Paper Flowers

One of the crafts done specifically to be included in this tier tray are the adorable paper flowers made from craft paper and buttons. They were very simple to make.

Paper flowers on spring tiered tray

I found a flower image in Cricut design space and then resized it to have about 6 different sizes from a 2″ diameter to about 1/2″ diameter. I then cut several sets out of different patterned card stock.

I then assembled 3-4 pieces in various sizes using pop dots between them to give them some volume. I also folded up some of the edges to add extra texture.

Finally, I hot glued a button in the middle of several of the flowers.

For the ones in the watering can on the bottom tier, I just hot glued them to popsicle sticks and stuck them in floral foam.

Watering can with paper flowers on

That was such a simple craft to make but it added a lot to the tiered tray.

Display Your Tray

This tray is done with only one view being considered because I knew I would be sitting it on the back corner of our kitchen table. Since that means that it sits against a wall, the back isn’t viewable.

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  1. Great tips for creating a tiered tray for spring, Janet. I need to tweak my tiered tray a little bit and you’ve given me some great ideas for items to add. I love that you’ve used lots of memorable items for your tray decor too – great idea!