Decoupage Flowerpots DIY

Making decoupage flowerpots is a great DIY project to brighten up your planting arrangements. The best part is that there are so many options of napkins and other paper sources that you can easily make your flowerpots match any décor.

This technique lets you turn an ordinary terracotta pot into unique decorative pieces. There are so many fun ways to make unique pots using decoupage.

These DIY flower pots are a great project that doesn’t take much time and the end result is a unique way to display your plants. Making a decorative flower pot is a cute idea that is so much fun.

Supplies for Decoupage Flowerpots

Terra Cotta Flowerpots – any size will work, just consider the size of your graphic. You could even find old pots at thrift stores and repurpose them in this way.

Napkins, scrapbook paper, sheet music, or other paper decorative source, you could even use a piece of fabric with the decoupage technique.

Chalk or Acrylic Paint – you’ll want to choose white paint a or a light color so that your decorative elements will stand out.

Mod Podge – if you want your pots to be safe for outdoor use be sure to use the outdoor version of Mod Podge.

Instructions for Applying Decoupage to Flowerpots

First Step – Paint a Base Coat

Paint your terracotta flower pots any color you want. I painted the entire outside of my pots but only about 1/3 of the inside of them since the dirt from the plant will cover the remainder.

Second Step – Prepare Your Decorations

If you are using napkins for your paper graphics, you need to separate the plys until you only have the upper printed layer. For other papers, you do not need to do this step.

Once you have your paper to a single layer, cut out the design that you want to put on your flower pot. I suggest using a “fuzzy” cut method where you cut somewhat loosely around your design. You really don’t want any sharp edges.

Third Step – Apply Mod Podge

Put a coat of Mod Podge on the area of the flowerpot that you are going to apply your design to. If you design will go all the way around the flowerpot, I suggest that you apply the Mod Podge in sections.

Fourth Step – Apply Your Design

Place your design over the Mod Podge and gently press with your fingers. For napkins or other thin papers, it works best to start in the middle and work you way out. Make sure you are working gently so as not to tear your paper.

Fifth Step – Repeat as Needed

Continue applying Mod Podge and then your designs until you have put everything you want on your flowerpot.

Sixth Step – Seal Your Design

Seal your design with Mod Podge. Again, it works best to work from the enter out so that you don’t pull up the edges. I have found that you get a better overall finish if you seal the whole pot with the Mod Podge.


Plant real or artificial flowers in your pots and set them out throughout your home. If you use real flowers, you will probably want to put a saucer under your pots so that you don’t ruin the surface they are sitting on. Small decoupaged flower pots also look cute on tiered trays, with or without plants.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy project of flower pot ideas. These pots make a great addition to your outdoor space. They also make great gifts.

You can mix these pots in with solid color ones to create a coordinating look for any area of your home. Let me know what creative ways you came up with for making pretty pots.

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    1. This is the first general product I’ve used decoupage on but I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to try the technique on some other items.