Glitter Pumpkins DIY to Add Sparkle to Your Fall Decor

Making glitter pumpkins is surprisingly easy. Like most of my craft projects, you’ll enjoy creating these cute pumpkins. And I promise that this project will only take you a couple minutes to make. Soon you will be obsessed with these fun glittery pumpkins and your home will be taken over by them.

Glitter Pumpkins to Make Yourself -

With this simple technique you can turn these boring pumpkins into something that is beautiful to use in your home decor.


Mini white pumpkins or fake mini pumpkins. I prefer using the fake pumpkins so I don’t have to remake them every year.

Extra Fine Glitter – I used pumpkin extra fine, buttercup extra fine, silver champagne extra fine, and crystal extra fine, but they have plenty of color choices to meet any of your décor needs.

Elmer’s Glue – I chose to use the Clear Glue this time, but I’ve done them with the regular glue and it works fine too.

Small Paint Brush

Packing paper to protect your table

2 paper plates to catch the extra glitter

Glitter Pumpkins to Make Yourself -

For my pumpkins, I wanted something classy, not the big chunky glitter you see a lot. That’s why I specifically chose the extra fine glitter that I did.

Instructions for Mini Glitter Pumpkins

Step 1 – Protect your work area

Place the packing paper down on your table to protect it. Also, place your two paper plate on the packing to catch the extra glitter.

Step 2 – Coat pumpkin with glue

Glitter Pumpkins to Make Yourself -

Coat a small section of  the pumpkin thoroughly with glue. I only work in small sections of the pumpkin since I found the glue dries quickly.

Step 3 – Add glitter

Glitter Pumpkins to Make Yourself -

Now sprinkle glitter all over the pumpkin. Make sure to have your pumpkin on the paper plate to capture the extra glitter.

Step 4 – Continue with steps 2 & 3 until complete

Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for additional sections of your pumpkin till it is complete. You can reuse the excess glitter by pouring putting the pumpkin on the second plate and then pouring the glitter from the first plate over it. Continue to alternate plates to use up as much of the glitter as possible only returning to the jar when you run out of excess from previous sections/pumpkins.

Glitter Pumpkins to Make Yourself -

Decorating with Mini Glitter Pumpkins

Now that you know how to make glitter pumpkins you’ll find many ways to decorate with them. Their sparkly appearance makes them feel so magical.

I’ve used them several places this fall.

In my fall lantern the glitter pumpkins add a little extra sparkle and magic.

Glitter Pumpkins to Make Yourself -

My glitter pumpkins in a dough bowl make a centerpiece that is the perfect fall decor. Last year, my fall table was all decked out with fall colors so the orange, yellow and champagne ones worked perfectly. This year I’m going with an elegant gold and white table so the white pumpkins work great for adding some extra sparkle.

These pumpkins look great in my wooden dough bowl and the low profile makes it easy for everyone to talk across the table. These sparkly pumpkins are so light and airy. They are perfect with my neutral tablescape.

Glitter Pumpkins to Make Yourself -

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    1. Hi Jackie,
      I honestly don’t know. I’ve never tried to use nail polish and unfortunately I don’t have any nail polish to try it with. I use nail “stickers” for my manicures.

  1. You can never have too many pumpkins this time of year and especially not glitter pumpkins. I love the colors you used. Featuring when my party opens up tonight!

  2. Janet, love tge colors of these pumpkins.

    Secret, I have a phobia with glitter. I use it but stress because it goes everywhere no matter what I do

    1. Glitter does go everywhere! But, it is so pretty so I usually bite the bullet and just try to corral it in one location and then clean up immediately.

  3. Janet, these pumpkins are AMAZING! I didn’t even know extra fine glitter like this even existed so I’m super excited to try your technique. They’re really beautiful! Totally pinning! Hope you’ve had the best week, CoCo PS: Love your nails too

    1. Thanks CoCo. Glad you liked them. The extra fine glitter changes everything. I’m using the same technique on some blocks for my Christmas mantle. Watch for that post.
      PS: The nails are from Color Street.