Jingle All the Way

This bright red Jingle All the Way wooden block is the perfect piece to put on a tier tray or mantle. It is part of our Christmas in July series.

Supplies for the Jingle All the Way Wooden Block

10” piece of a 2×4 or other similarly sized wood piece

Red Spray Paint

Christmas Ribbon

Jingle Bell

White Matte Vinyl

Jingle All the Way SVG (sign-up for Christmas in July email series to receive the SVG


Step 1 – Paint your wood.

I chose to spray paint my wood but you can paint it using any type of paint that works for you. I always try to do my projects without making many purchases so I used the red spray paint I had left over from making our Yard Yahtzee game. If you want some fun outdoor games to play with the family you should check that out all our DIY Yard Games.

Step 2 – Make the vinyl graphic.

  1. Download the zip file that you get in the email. Extract all files from the folder.
  2. Open up Cricut Design Space or the cutting software for your machine and start a new project. Click the upload button at the bottom of the left bar. Click the Upload Image button and then drag the appropriate file into the program. You can also click Browse and find the file that way.
  3. Once the image is loaded, the program will give you a screen where you can change the image name if you want and add tags. Click the green Upload button to complete the upload.
  4. Click the Jingle All the Way image in your Recent Uploads and click the green Insert Images button to add the image to your workspace.
  5. The graphic will probably come into the program a little too large for your block. Resize the file to be about 6” wide and 2-1/2” tall. You can do this by grabbing the resize handle in the lower right corner of the graphic and dragging to the size you want, or by clicking in the height size block and typing 2.5.
  6. Click the green Make It button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. If you are using regular vinyl there is no need to mirror so you can just click continue. If you are making your block using HTV you will need to click the mirror slider before clicking continue.
  8. Choose your material and pressure level. On the Explore this is done by turning the dial to the appropriate material. On the Maker this is done by selecting the material in Design Space.
  9. Load your vinyl on you mat and load your mat into the Cricut by pushing the flashing arrow button. If you’re using a scrap of vinyl, remember that it needs to be at least ½” larger in all dimensions to cut correctly.
  10. When the C button starts flashing, press it to start cutting.
  11. Unload your mat from the machine by pressing the arrow button.
  12. Take the vinyl off the mat.
  13. Trim around your cut to minimize the area you have to weed.
  14. Using your weeding tools, carefully weed the vinyl. Be careful not to lose the dot above the I or below the explanation point.
  15. Using transfer tape, move the vinyl to the block of wood. You want the vinyl to be on the right end of the block leaving room for your ribbon on the left end.

Step 3 – Add ribbon to wood decoration.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 1” longer than needed to circle your block.

Test position the ribbon and pinch the area that will be at the top of the block. Use thread to secure this “pinch” so it looks correct when the bow is attached.

Wrap the ribbon around the wood and secure with a bead of hot glue at the end.

Make a bow by creating two loops and tails with the center pinched. Secure the pinch with thread. You do not need to create a knot for this bow, the jingle bell will serve as the knot.

Use a drop of hot glue to attach the bow to the pinched section of the ribbon.

Step 4 – Add the jingle bell.

Use a drop of hot glue to attach the jingle bell where the knot would be on the bow.

Finished decoration

That’s it. You now have a cute wooden block that you can use in a variety of ways in your holiday decorations. Drop me a picture of your completed project in the comments below.

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