Snowflake Mason Jar Luminaries

These snowflake mason jar luminaries work great for Christmas and all the way through January. They add great curb appeal to your home during the dark winter months.

These luminaries add a soft glow to your outdoor décor. Luminaries can be used both outdoors and indoors. These DIY mason jar luminaries are super easy to make. This post will teach you how to make luminaries from mason jars. Mason jar ideas are all the rage and these mason jar decorations add a nice ambiance to any décor. Frosted mason jars with Cricut snowflakes are the perfect DIY luminaries.

If you’d rather watch than read, check out the YouTube video here.

Supplies Needed for Snowflake Mason Jar Luminaries

Crafting Supplies:

Mason Jars

Cricut Metallic Adhesive Foil

Mod Podge

Extra Fine Glitter – Snow



Cricut Maker or other cutting machine

Light or Standard Grip Mat

Foam Brush

Glue Gun and Extra Glue Sticks

Additional Supplies:

White Sand

Battery Operated Tea Lights (with remote works best)

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Make the Snowflakes for Your Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries

These instructions are for the Cricut Maker and Design Space on a pc. They will need to be adjusted for your design software.

  1. Open the Design Space site and create a new project by pressing the New Project box.

Design Space screen choosing new project -

  1. Click the images tool and type snowflake in the search box and press enter.

Choosing snowflake images in Design Space -

  1. Click the + next to “Layers” and click “Single” to get only snowflakes that are made to be cut out of a single material which is what will work best for this project.

Choose single layer in Design Space -

  1. Select the snowflakes you want to you. Holding down the “ctrl” key and clicking an image will add it to the selection(s) you already have.

Selected snowflakes in Design Space -

  1. Once you have the snowflakes you want selected. Click “Add to Canvas” to put them on your canvas to work with.

Add to Canvas button in Design space -

  1. Select a snowflake (if you loaded multiple) and click the color choice block at the top and change all of the snowflakes to the same color so they will print on one piece of vinyl. I chose a light gray color since I will be cutting them out of silver vinyl.

Change color of snowflakes in Design Space -

  1. If any of them come in as a “print then cut” file, they will show up as “original artwork” when you click the color button. Click the drop down arrow next to “Print Then Cut” and choose “Basic” then you will be able to chose the color as described above.

Print then cut image in Design Space -

  1. Your snowflakes will most likely be a variety of sizes so you will want to resize them to a somewhat consistent size. I decided to go with 2” wide for each of my snowflakes. To change the size, select an individual snowflake, click within the size box at the top, and type in the dimension you want in inches (for me 2.000), and press enter. You may have to move snowflakes around as you resize them to get to some of the ones that landed underneath the others.

Change size in Design Space -

  1. Click “Make It” (the green button in the upper right corner), and then click “Continue” (the green button in the lower right corner.

Make It in Design Space -


  1. Select the appropriate material from the list. If the material you are using isn’t on your favorites list, you will probably have to click “Browse All Materials” to find the appropriate material. Once you have selected your material you can change your pressure if you’re on a Cricut Maker. I usually find that default works fine but you may have a different experience.

Choose materials in Design Space -

  1. Load the vinyl on your mat and click the flashing arrow on your machine to load the mat. Press the flashing “C” on your machine to cut snowflakes out of the vinyl. Unload your mat by pressing the flashing arrow on your machine.

Snowflakes cutting on Cricut -

  1. Remove the vinyl from the mat and separate your snowflakes by cutting them apart. Weed the decal discarding the excess vinyl and keeping only the snowflakes needed.

Weeding a vinyl snowflake -

Prepare the Mason Jars

  1. Apply snowflakes to your jars as you want using transfer tape. I used 3 snowflakes per jar but you could use more or less depending on the size of your snowflakes.

Placeing vinyl snowflakes on mason jar -

  1. Coat each jar with Mod Podge. I avoided putting Mod Podge and glitter on the lip of the jar since that was where the ribbon would be.

Painting Mod Podge on a mason jar -

  1. Sprinkle glitter onto your jar. Be a little stingy with the glitter as you don’t want to obliterate your snowflakes. Shake off any excess. You’ll want to do this process 1 jar at a time so the Mod Podge doesn’t dry too much before putting the glitter on.

Adding glitter to a mason jar -

  1. Cut a 24” piece of ribbon and coat it with Mod Podge to help it withstand the weather.

Putting Mod Modge on ribbon to weather proof ribbon -

  1. Let both the jars and ribbons dry completely.
  2. Used your Glue Gun to secure the ribbon at the center back and on each side.

Using glue gun to attach ribbon to mason jar rim -

  1. Tie a bow in the center of the ribbon. Put a dot of glue behind the bow to hold it in place and then trim the ends as you want.

Tieing a bow in a ribbon around the rim of a mason jar -

Finish Up Your Mason Jar Luminaries

  1. Add 1-2 inches of sand in the bottom of each jar.

Adding sand to the bottom of a mason jar -

  1. Add a tea light to each jar. I used battery operated tea lights with a remote that made turning the entire set on and off at one time easily. You could also use real candles if you wanted.

Place battery operated tea light in the bottom of the mason jar -

Set your luminaries up where you want them. Light your candles and enjoy

I love how these turned out! These luminaries can be used outdoors to light walkways or special areas. They could also be used indoors as part of a mantle display or a centerpiece. Be creative!

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    1. Thanks Cecilia. I made some epsom salt ones either last year or the year before, but they loose their glittery look over time. That’s why I came up with a way to use regular glitter. The snowflake patterns were all in Design Space. I can’t remember if they were free ones or if they require a paid Cricut Access plan, I have a standard membership.

  1. I love these mason jar snowflake luminaries. Your Cricut tutorial for making the snowflakes is fantastic too, so easy to understand! I can imaging having a whole line of these pretty lanterns across the front of my porch or on the pathway to the front door!