Ribbon Candy Wreath

I made this ribbon candy wreath to remind me of my grandfather. Ribbon candy was one of his favorite holiday treats.

This is a quick holiday decor idea that has a lot of impact!

Supplies for Ribbon Candy Wreath

Wire base piece. I used a section of a wreath form, but a thick coat hanger would probably work, just form it into a circle

2-inch wide Stripped Ribbon. I used a 20-foot roll of ribbon.

½-inch wide Ribbon in a coordinating color.

Electrical Tape

Supplies for ribbon candy wreath

Tools Needed


Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Instructions for Ribbon Candy Wreath

Step 1 – Prepare Your Ribbon

Unwrap entire spool of ribbon. Fold over and secure ends with hot glue.

Fold the entire roll of ribbon in half, so it now appears to be double sided and half the length. Glue the 2 opposite ends of the spool of ribbon together. I also ran a bead of glue around the edges of the ribbon to keep it from gapping

Step 2 – Prepare Your Wreath Frame

Using a Dremel separate one ring from a wire ribbon wreath. I used the interior ring of a 14” wreath frame making my wire.

Step 3 – Put Ribbon on Wire Frame

Poke ribbon about 1” from end onto wire. Accordion fold ribbon poking wire through approximately every 6″.  Continue until all of the ribbon is folded onto the wire.

Secure wire ends together with electrical tape.

Adjust the folds of the ribbon around the frame to get the ribbon candy effect. Glue ribbon ends together leaving a 3″ gap between the final wire holes on each end of the ribbon.  This will create the final curl on the wreath.  

Step 4 – Attach a Hanger

Use a festive ribbon to create a hanger.  I tied my ribbon over the electrical tape to help hide it. Then, cut the ribbon ends to the length needed and tie them in a bow.

This wreath will work for indoors or out, although I would make sure it was in a covered area if used outdoors. I used mine to decorate the large mirror above the couch in our living room. I added a few red ornament balls around it and it looks very festive.  

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