Personalized Christmas Stocking Name Tags

I’m so glad that my children are grown now and I can use the Christmas stockings as a part of my decorations. These Personalized Christmas Stocking name tags can be made to match any decorating style which is why I love them so much.

It’s so easy to put a name on a Christmas stocking. The personalized Christmas stocking name tags can be made with any fabric, any bow, and the embroidery hoop can be left natural like I did or painted any color. The possibilities are endless for personalizing name tags for stockings.

Personalized stocking name tags are very popular and this way to make DIY stocking name tags is a great one. Learn how to make Christmas stocking name tags in this easy tutorial. We give you an easy way to make DIY personalized Christmas stockings. And the best thing is that they can also be used as Christmas ornaments on the tree.

If you’d rather watch than read, check out my YouTube video here.

Supplies for the Personalized Christmas Stocking name tags

One of the great things about these tags is that you only need 5 supplies.

Small Embroidery Hoops



Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Christmas Stockings of your choice – Here’s the ones I used.


You’ll also want to have the following on hand:

Cricut Maker or other cutting machine

Cricut Easy Press or other heat press

Glue (I used this Alene’s Tacky Glue)


Hot Glue Gun and Extra Glue Sticks

Bakers Twine

Making the Names for Your Personalized Christmas Stocking name tags

These instructions are for the Cricut Maker and Design Space. They will need to be adjusted for your design software.

  1. Open the Design Space site and create a new project by pressing the New Project box.

  1. Click the text tool and type the first name you want to make. I suggest that you use the longest name you’re going to be making so that you make sure that you can make them all the same size font and they will all fit in the embroidery hoop.

  1. Click the font drop-down and

  1. Choose a font from the list. Feel free to play around with different fonts until you find one that you like for the aesthetic you’re trying to create. I used the Double Whipped font for those that want to know. I have a Cricut Access account and have several additional fonts that I have purchased over time so I can’t be sure that you will have the fonts that I used. Just play around until you find something you like.

  1. Resize your name by measuring the width of your embroidery hoop opening. You can do this by grabbing the resize handle in the lower right corner of your text block and moving it until the width is the correct amount, or by adjusting the number for width in the toolbar.

Make note of the size of the font so that you can make them all the same size. For the remaining names, you’ll just change the font size. I usually change mine on the first one to be an even number (no decimal) so that it’s easier to enter on all of the rest.

  1. Duplicate your name as needed and change each to the additional names you want to create. You will use up less HTV if you do all the names at the same time. This is a good time to save your project.

  1. Click “Make It” (the green button in the upper right corner). Click mirror on the mat thumbnail and then click “Continue” (the green button in the lower right corner).

  1. Select the appropriate HTV from the materials list. Unless you have saved your HTV of choice to your favorites list, you will probably have to click “Browse All Materials” to find the appropriate material. Once you have selected your material you can change your pressure if you’re on a Cricut Maker. I usually find that default works fine but you may have a different experience.

  1. Load the HTV on your mat and click the flashing arrow on your machine to load the mat. Remember, with HTV the shiny side goes down on your mat. Press the flashing “C” on your machine to cut your names out of the HTV. Unload your mat by pressing the flashing arrow on your machine.

  1. Remove the HTV from the mat and separate your names by cutting them apart. Weed the decal discarding the excess vinyl and keeping only the lettering needed. Watch to make sure you don’t lose any “bits” such as the dots over i’s.

Apply the Names to Your Fabric

  1. Cut your fabric into a square about an inch larger than your embroidery hoop.
  2. Turn on your Cricut Heat Press and pre-heat it to the temperature suggested by your HTV brand. This is also a good time to adjust the timer setting to the appropriate amount needed for your HTV. You can usually find the information on the heat and time for pressing on the packaging of the HTV.
  3. Give your fabric a light pressing to remove any wrinkles and heat it up to accept the vinyl.
  4. Place your fabric on your heating mat with your name centered in the square. Add a piece of parchment paper on top and place your pre-heated Cricut East Press on top. Press the timer button and apply light pressure.
  5. Peel the carrier sheet at the appropriate time for your HTV, either while it’s still warm (warm peel) or after it has cooled (cool peel),

Assemble Your Personalize Christmas Stocking name tags

If you’d rather watch than read, you can see the assembly process in this YouTube video. Be sure to subscribe and ring the bell if you stop by.

  1. Loosen the screw on your embroidery hoop and separate the rings.
  2. Add a ring of glue along the outer edge of the inner circle of your embroidery hoop.

  1. Lay your fabric over the inner circle and center it.

  1. Place the outer ring of your embroidery hoop down over the fabric and the inner ring making sure to pull the fabric tight over the inner ring.

  1. Tighten the screw on your embroidery hoop while continuing to make sure that the fabric is tight over the inner ring.

  1. Using an X-Acto knife, trim the excess fabric off the back of your stocking tag. I’ve found that this is the best way to get the correct fit for your fabric. If you’re using fabric with the weight of quilting fabric, it works great. For thicker fabrics you might need to experiment.

Make a Bow for Your Stocking Tag


  1. Start by pulling a length of ribbon for one of the tails. Then, form several loops. Because the overall size of these bows needed to be smaller, I only did four (two on each side) loops. Finally leave a length of ribbon for the other tail and cut your ribbon from the spool.
  2. Adjust the size of your loops until you are happy that they are even. Secure the center of the ribbon with thread by circling it around several times and knotting the ends.
  3. Cut another piece of ribbon about 9” long and tie a knot in the center. Then, hot glue this around the center of the bow trimming the ends so that you have none showing.
  4. Hot glue the bow to the embroidery hoop slightly off center.

Attach Your Personalized Christmas Stocking Tag to Your Stockings

  1. Cut a short piece of Bakers Twine (or other string) and slip it through the opening below the screw on the embroidery hoop
  2. Slip the twine around the stocking hanger and adjust so that your stocking tag hangs at the place that you want. Tie a double knot in the twine and trim off the ends.

Now it’s time to hang your stockings on the mantel and enjoy.

These personalized Christmas stocking name tags would also work great as personalized Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. Add the year to your design and collecting them from year to year could be a nice family tradition.

If you need stockings to go with your new personalized name tags, my friend Jayne at Chalking Up Success provides the easiest way to make a Christmas stocking. A beginner-friendly, step-by-step tutorial with a free Christmas stocking pattern to download.


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  1. Janet, you’ve found yet another useful and creative use for embroidery hoops! These really make your stockings special and personal. Thanks for the detailed Cricut tutorial. I’m embarrassed to say that I got a Maker for Christmas but I’ve been too intimidated to try it. You make it look like something I can actually figure out! It was fun to hop with you. Pinned!

  2. Janet,

    These tags are just to adorable. I’m telling you I’m seriously, thinking about getting a Circuit machine. So many of my blogging friends including you of course have them. Thy seem to be great to have.

    Love the different styles you made too and great tutorial! Pinned!

    1. Thanks Cindy. I definitely recommend a Cricut. I’m on my 2nd machine. I originally bought an Explore Air because it was cheaper than the Maker. I loved it so much I decided to buy a Maker and gift the Explore Air to my daughter. Now she loves having a Cricut too.

  3. What a darling and creative idea to add personality to any stocking. I love your attention to detail in your tutorial. Thanks so much for inspiring me to make these for my grandkids.