Snowman Ornaments

These diy snowman ornaments are the cutest snowmen ever!! They are just adorable. Learn how to make a snowman Christmas tree decoration. These handmade snowman Christmas ornaments will be a hit with everyone who sees them.

Snowman Ornaments Tutorial -

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to make snowman ornaments. These frosty ornaments will fit in great with your snowman decorations.

I decided I liked them so much that I made a whole family. I put names and year on the bottom and am going to let the kids take them off my tree on Christmas Day.

Supplies for the Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Light bulb glass jar

Black Acrylic Paint

Aileen’s Glitter Snow

Foam Paint Brush

Orange Acrylic Paint

Zinc Metallic Acrylic Paint

Florist Wire

Flannel for Scarf

Small Pom Poms

Pipe Cleaner

Glue Gun and Extra Glue Sticks

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Instructions for the Snowman Christmas Ornaments

If you’d rather watch than read, check out my YouTube video here.

Step One – Add a loop for hanging

Cut a piece of florist wire (I used 26 gauge) about 4” long. Take the top off the glass and push the florist wire through the hole in the top. Twist the wire a couple of times leaving a loop above the top of the cap. Separate the two strands of wire within the cap and cut them off so that they lay flat against the top. Put a little bit of hot glue into the cap to give an extra layer of hold to the wire. Once the glue is dry, put the cap back on the jar.

Creating a loop for a hanger on a Snowman Ornament -

Step Two – Paint the snowman’s cap

I didn’t like the shiny gold of the top of my glass jars. I decided I wanted it to be a metallic gray color so I got the Zinc Metallic Acrylic Paint. However, I found that the paint was too thin to cover well on the metal. I ended up putting a layer of Black Acrylic Paint and then a layer of the  Zinc Metallic Acrylic Paint

Painting the cap on a Snowman Ornament -

Step Three – Paint on the snow

Paint a good coat of Aileen’s Glitter Snow onto each glass. You want the paint to be lumpy and swirly like snow. I used a foam brush and then just threw it away after completing the project because that paint doesn’t want to wash out well.

Painting snow on a Snowman Ornament - alifeofbalance.comStep Four – Add details to your snowman

Paint the face details for your snowman. Remember, there is going to be a scarf so don’t place the mouth too far down. I painted black eyes and mouth and a orange carrot nose.

Painting face on Snowman Ornament - alifeofbalance.comAdd buttons to the snowman’s belly.

Adding buttons to a Snowman Ornament - alifeofbalance.comHot glue the pom poms and a piece of pipe cleaner at the top of the snowman to create a set of earmuffs.

Adding earmuffs to a Snowman Ornament - alifeofbalance.comCut a piece of flannel about 1” wide and the appropriate length for your snowman. Fold the strip in half lengthwise so the printed fabric faces out in both directions and tie the “scarf” around the snowman’s neck. Use a drop of hot glue under the scarf to keep it in place.

Adding a scarf to a Snowman Ornament -

Your snowman ornament is now complete. Isn’t he cute?

Completed Snowman Ornament -

Make an entire family

I liked mine so much that I created an entire family of them.

I got the larger light bulb glass jars for the mom and dad (these don’t hang well on the tree because of the weight). I then created enough of the smaller versions for each of our kids and their spouses.

Family of Snowmen Ornaments -

We have a tradition in our family of buying the kids an ornament each year with the date on it. When they were younger, they got to pick their ornament out according to what their likes were at that time. This has created some great memories. But now that they are adults, I don’t think the process of picking out their ornaments still fits. Once I saw this cute snowman, I decided to make one for each of them and change up our tradition a little.

I simply put each child or spouse’s name as well as the year on the bottom of the ornament. They can take them home Christmas Day and add them to their collection. I think from now on I’ll make their ornaments each year ones that I’ve made for them.

Snowman Ornaments Tutorial -

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  1. This IS a really cute snowman, but “recycled” crafts that require so many purchased items are counter productive for me, especially when I am making them with a group of of students.

  2. These snowmen ornaments are adorable, Janet! I love the earmuffs and scarves. What a sweet idea to make one for your children and their spouses! Pinned 🙂

  3. Absolutely adorable, Janet! I am excited to try the glitter snow. I haven’t ever heard of it, and it looks perfect for your snowman. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  4. Janet,

    These are adorable. I love working with Aleenes glitter snow and forgot all about it until now. This stuff is so cool. I used it years ago to make snowmen out of brown bags.