Cozy Fall Front Porch Reveal

Hi y’all. It’s finally fall which means I can do my fall porch reveal for you.

Fall has always been my favorite season. I’m so excited that it is finally here.

I love to decorate for fall because I like all the individual elements: the colors, the textures, the pumpkins.

For the past 10 years we have lived in Florida and have had what really could only be referred to as a stoop, not a real porch. That didn’t stop me from decorating, especially for fall, but it limited what I could do. To give you an idea, here’s what my fall porch looked like a couple of years ago.

Fall Porch Vignette

But we moved back to the Midwest over the winter and now we have a real front porch which means I get to do lots of decorating. As you’re about to see, I took advantage of all of this space. This also meant that I was able to do a lot more fall and pumpkin crafts this season, so that was an added bonus. I’ve linked to the posts for any of the projects that I’ve gotten written up for you.

Cozy fall porch decorations

The hardest part of this post is deciding where to start but I think I’ll just go for it with no plan. Let’s start on the left as you’re looking at the house.

A woman reading a book on a porch.

This porch is long enough for me to be able to put a rocking chair out in the corner for a great spot to read in the afternoon and evening. I tossed a throw blanket on it to provide a little bit of cozy warmth when needed. It’s one of my favorite spots to read.

Table decorated with pumpkins

I put a table next to the chair, under the window. The table I chose is an antique from Bill’s mom’s house. This gives me a place to sit a cup of tea or extra reading material. I’ve decorated the top of the table with my easy fall lantern. You can see how to make a lantern like it in this post.

I also added a dough bowl with some glitter pumpkins in it. These are probably the easiest pumpkin craft I’ve done in a long time. And who doesn’t like the sparkle. Check out how to do these pumpkins in this post or this video.

There are a few yarn pumpkins sitting on the table too. Check out how to make them in this video.

Monogram Pumpkin Burlap Wreath

On the window above the table, I put the monogram pumpkin burlap wreath that I made. I had this wreath on my front door but think it adds a nice piece of dimension here. This is another craft I made so you can check it out in this post.

Fall porch decorations

Below the table and along the rest of the floor I put all of the many pumpkins I’ve collected as well as some leaves, acorns, seeds, and other things.

A crate of artificial pumpkins.

My husband made the crate with the farm fresh pumpkins sign on it. I made the sign on my Cricut in the Happy Harvest Class provided by the Print Cut Craft Club. The crate is full of a variety of pumpkins. The bright orange pumpkin on the hay bale to the right of the crate is a good example of “don’t throw anything out.” These pumpkins were in the photo from my old porch, but the years weren’t kind to them. They were extremely faded, and I almost threw them out at the end of last year but for some reason decided not to. This year, when I got them out, I decided I wanted to save them. Especially after I priced buying replacements for them. A few coats of spray paint have them looking like new. There’s another one like this at the other end of the porch.

Chunky yarn pumpkins

Here you can see some of my chunky yarn pumpkins which you can learn how to make in this post or this video. These pumpkins have been very popular this year. I hope a lot of you have enjoyed making them.

Pumpkin decorations on a fall porch

Scattered about are several “basket” pumpkins. Most of these were purchased from Longaberger a few years back. I love the natural look of them.

I got the 3 little crates from Amazon specifically for this porch display but I’m sure I’ll use them for many more things over the years. Check them out here.

The orange glass jar came from JoAnn’s a few years ago. Here are a few options I found if you want something similar.

Pumpkin decorations on a fall porch

I hit the jackpot on the pumpkins at Hobby Lobby this year. The small ones with the glitter scroll work, the chunky wooden ones, the galvanized steel with wooden balls one, and the chunky bronze one were all gotten there. Here are some other favorites I’ve fine on the web.

I think I covered everything that’s out there. If not, ask me questions about specific items in the comments and I’ll be glad to give you the information. Also, share photos of your fall porches so I can get ideas for next year.

Skeleton, ghost, and pumpkin halloween decorations

You can see some of the things I changed up or added for Halloween in this photo and some of the instructions are available in this post.

Now that I’ve finally gotten the fall porch revealed to you, I can start concentrating on Christmas. I’m looking forward to creating lots of additions for my Christmas décor this year, so stay tuned.

Want some more Fall decor options, check out these posts.

You can check out all of my fall crafts and diy here.


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  1. It’s so fun to see your lovely Fall porch with all of the cozy and inviting vibes. From the handmade yarn pumpkins to the vintage pieces, I can see why you want to sit on your Fall porch and read. So pretty!