Easy DIY Snowman Wreath with How To Tutorial

Today I have a jolly snowman wreath tutorial for you to create for your front door. This handmade wreath is easy and inexpensive because it uses Dollar Tree supplies. This wreath easily takes you from the winter holiday season through February. Building a snowman is a great winter activity and we’ve made this one so he won’t melt. Imagine how much fun you can have with this snowman craft.

If you would rather watch this DIY snowman wreath tutorial, check out my YouTube video here.

Supplies for Snowman Wreath

Mop Head (string style) from Dollar Tree

White Foam Board

Black Foam Board – I got this foam board from Hobby Lobby because the Dollar Tree version had a white interior and I wanted mine to be completely black. The Hobby Lobby piece was only 50 cents more.

Fabric for scarf and hat. I used pieces that I had left over from some fat quarters fabric bundles I had bought for my Snowman Ornaments.

Embellishment for hat

Foam Sheets in black and orange for face and buttons

Tools Needed

Hot Glue gun and extra glue sticks

Wire Cutters


Exacto Knife

Instructions for Snowman Wreath

Step 1 – Disassemble the Mop Head

Pry the head apart some with the screwdriver and then use wire cutters to cut it away from the stands of the mop. Be careful not to cut the strands. You will be left with 3 ropes of the mop head.

Step 2 – Create Snowballs

Measure approximately 4” in from a corner of the white foam board. Starting in the center, hot glue one of the mop ropes in a circle. Continue gluing until you have enough length of the rope strand at the end to go around the circle completely. This is the smaller of your snowballs and will be the snowman’s head.

For the large ball, start about halfway between the edge of the smaller circle and the opposite edge of the foam board and start your ball the same as above. Continue until you have used up one rope, then continue with the 3rd rope. Continue with this rope until you are about 1/2” from the smaller circle. This will be the snowman’s body.

Using an exacto knife, cut the circles out of the foam board along the edge of the attached ropes. Be careful not to cut the ropes.

Use hot glue to attach the remainder of the rope around the outer edge of your circles.

Step 3 – Create Snowman

Using hot glue, attach the snowman’s head to his body with about 1-2” of overlap.

Use hot glue to attach craft sticks to the back for added support. I attached the ends of the craft sticks and allowed them to dry. Then I “pushed” extra hot glue in under the craft sticks. I had to do a couple of layers, letting it dry completely between layers. This was probably overkill but I didn’t want my snowman to come apart.

Cut features out of the foam sheets. I cut a carrot nose out of orange and 3 large (buttons), 2 medium (eyes) and 5 small (mouth) circles out of black. Attach all of them to your snowman with hot glue.

Step 4 – Make Top Hat

We’re going to use black foam board to create a black hat for the top of our snowman. I didn’t use Dollar Tree black foam board because the core of their board is white. I got this foam board at Hobby Lobby and it was only 50 cents more so I thought it was worth it.

Cut a rectangle approximately 5-1/2” x 7” from the black foam board. Cut another one approximately 9” x 2”. Cut a piece of fabric approximately 9” x 1-1/2”.

Use hot glue to attach the smaller rectangle along the bottom of the larger rectangle overlapping it by about 1/2”. (This is slightly different than what I did in the video but I realized that it would have worked better.

Attach the fabric just above the smaller rectangle. I wrapped the ends of my fabric around the edges of the foam board and hot glued it on the back.

Trim your embellishment to the appropriate length using wire cutters. Poke end of embellishment into the top of the smaller foam board “brim” so that it sticks out on one side.

Step 5 – Attach Top Hat to Snowman

Hot glue the hat brim to the top snowball at a slight angle to the side of the snowman’s head. Use craft sticks on the back for added support.

I realized after I made mine that if I had added the hat brim so that about 1-1/2” stuck out from the bottom, I could use that section to attach the hat to the snowball and I wouldn’t have needed as much hot glue to create the supports on the back because there wouldn’t have been as much of a depth difference.

Step 6 – Add a Scarf

If you have an old scarf you can use that for your snowman but I didn’t so I used 2 pieces from a fat quarters fabric bundle. I accordion folded one end of each piece to attach behind the snowman to make it look like a scarf that gets bunched up around your neck.

I then hot glued these ends on each side of the snowman and tied it on one side.

Wrap the two sides around to the front of the snowman and tie in a loose knot to one site. I added a drop of hot glue behind this area to hold the scarf in place.

Finally, I trimmed the ends to be about the same length and fringed the end of each side.

Step 7 – Add a Hanger to Your Snowman

Use hot glue to attach a piece of twine or wire to the center of the top snowball (not the hat). Double over your twine or wire to create a loop that is the height you need and then attach both ends to the snowman.

There, you have a cute snowman wreath that will work for Christmas and all the way up until Valentine’s Day.

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