Let It Snow Christmas Ornament

Let It Snow Christmas ornaments with snow inside are a beautiful addition to your tree this year. These DIY Cricut ornaments are made with a let it snow free png file.

These are great Cricut Christmas decorations to make. The Cricut let it snow vinyl for the Christmas ornaments makes it so simple. These are extra fun because their filled with snow that moves when they are shaken. This tutorial will take you through all the steps to make these vinyl Christmas ornaments.

Supplies for the Let It Snow Ornament

Clear Plastic Fillable Ornament Ball

Permanent Vinyl – I used Navy Blue

Embellishments (if wanted)

Thin Ribbon – I used ¼” silver

Snow Flurries

Transfer Tape

Cricut Maker or other cutting machine

Glue gun and extra glue sticks

Instructions for Let It Snow Ornament

Uploading and Cutting Your Vinyl

These instructions are for the Cricut Maker and Design Space. They will need to be adjusted for your design software.

  1. Open Cricut Design Space or the cutting software for your machine and create a new project by pressing the New Project box.

  1. Click the upload button at the bottom of the left bar and then click the green Upload Image button

  1. Drag the appropriate file into the program. You can also click Browse and find the file that way. Click Simple and Continue

  1. Click Apply & Continue.

  1. Click Cut Image and then click the green Upload button.

  1. Click on the newly uploaded image (it should be the first image under Recent Uploads), and then click the green Add to Canvas button.

  1. The graphic will probably come into the program a little too large for the ornament. Resize your image to what you need for your ornament. If you’re using a 3” clear ornament like I am your image will need to be approximately 3” x 1.652”. Click “Make It” (the green button in the upper right corner).
  2. If you are using regular vinyl there is no need to mirror so you can just click “Continue” (the green button in the lower right corner).
  3. Choose your material and pressure level. On the Explore this is done by turning the dial to the appropriate material. On the Maker this is done by selecting the material in Design Space. For this project, I used Premium Vinyl. Once you have selected your material you can change your pressure if you’re on a Cricut Maker. I usually find that default works fine but you may have a different experience.
  4. Load your vinyl on you mat and load your mat into the Cricut by pushing the flashing arrow button. If you’re using a scrap of vinyl, remember that it needs to be at least ½” larger in all dimensions to cut correctly.
  5. When the C button on your machine starts flashing, press it to cut your file out.
  6. Unload your mat by pressing the flashing arrow on your machine.
  7. Remove the vinyl from the mat.
  8. Trim around your cut to minimize the area you have to weed.
  9. Using your weeding tools, carefully weed the vinyl. Be careful not to lose the dot above the I.

  1. Using transfer tape, move the vinyl to the ornament. You want the vinyl close to the center of the ornament.

Assemble Your Ornament

  1. Add any embellishments that you want to your Let It Snow vinyl.

  1. Open the top of the ornament and fill it with snow flurries. I made a funnel out of paper to make it easier to get the snow into the ornament without getting the snow everywhere. I tried a silicone funnel but it didn’t work because the snow stuck to the sides. The snow stuck to the paper some but by using a pencil I was able to push it down into the ball without too much mess.

  1. Place a small bead of hot glue around the top of the ornament and then reinsert the top, making sure the outer pieces are on the glue.
  2. Cut two pieces of ribbon about 10” long.
  3. Wrap one around the top of the ornament just below the cap and knot it.
  4. Use the other to make a bow by creating two loops and tails with the center pinched. Secure the pinch with thread. You do not need to create a knot for this bow.
  5. Place the ribbon on top of the knot on the ornament and tie another knot on top of it.
  6. Pull the ends from the knot around to the back of the ornament and secure them with a little bit of top glue.
  7. Adjust your bow and tails and you’re done.

Finished decoration

That’s it. You now have a cute ornament that you can use in a variety of ways in your holiday decorations. Drop me a picture of your completed project in the comments below.

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  1. These are adorable, thank you for the detailed tutorial! I was gifted a Cricut years ago and have never used it, I’m so intimated, I need to try it out, your decorations are beautiful