DIY Ornament Garland

Just say the words ‘ornament garland’ and I’ll already be thinking about how I can DIY this! It also makes me think of twinkling lights, glistening baubles, my Christmas tree that I can’t wait to decorate, and everything crafty for the upcoming holiday season.

Now after a wonderful Thanksgiving, it’s time to start decorating for Christmas! Who doesn’t love some holiday decor and cheer right now?

This is a pretty garland that I’ll show you how to make. It is quite an impressive-looking Christmas garland but it’s one of the simplest Christmas decorations you can make. Go ahead read below to see for yourself. There is no need for wood beads, hot glue, mod podge, or anything messy.

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Head on over to your local Dollar Tree and craft store, or even your local thrift store, and see what you can find. The good news is that this is an affordable project that you can make in no time at all.

I have chosen to hang my holiday garland above my fireplace mantel, looping and draping it the way I like it. As it is a long garland you can hang it on your staircase banister or even on your front porch. You can hang it anywhere that needs some Christmas cheer and ho, ho, ho! Be creative!

Supplies for Making a DIY Ornament Garland:

  • Shatterproof ornaments in the colors of your choice. You need approximately 100 ornaments per 3 feet of garland, or 35 ornaments per foot
  • Florist wire – I recommend wire slightly thicker than 26 gauge
  • Command hooks, or other ways to attach your garland
  • Wire cutters


Step 1

Decide where you are going to hang your DIY ornament garland and measure out your wire. Don’t forget to take into account the length of wire required to make the hanging loops. Measuring wire one-and-a-half times your required amount.

Attach something small and sturdy to the one end of your mantle, or wherever you have decided to hang it and secure another ornament hook at the other end. If you want to loop your garland, add the necessary hooks where required. I used a small clear Command Hook.

Step 2

Make a loop in one end of the wire and attach it to one end of your mantle, or to something sturdy to hold it while you assemble the garland.

Your garland will look more effective with alternating colors or patterns just take some time to think about your Christmas color scheme and what you would like the end result to look like. Now take your chosen Christmas ball ornaments and thread the wire through the top of each ornament.

As you add them, gently shake and jiggle the wire to allow the balls to move up the wire, making space for more Christmas balls.

Step 3

Continue to thread them until your wire is full and then attach it to your ornament hooks that are already in place.

Check that you are happy with the outcome and the fullness of your garland. Adjust until you’re satisfied with the look.

Other Ideas for Your Ornament Garland

  • Make your garland fuller by embellishing it with organic items, such as pine cones, dried orange slices, and sprigs of fresh greenery.
  • Dress up your garland by interweaving twinkling lights that will reflect off the Christmas balls
  • Hang the garland around a window
  • Lay a garland across your fireplace mantle instead of looping it down

And there you have it! Your own homemade ornament holiday garland in time for the holidays!

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